About us

We are a company with more than 10 years of experience supportingtransnational clients through Latin America, managing and administrating with our thechnology more than 7,000 employees. We are a company highly detail – oriented team.

Nos caracterizamos por nuestra innovación y desarrollo tecnológico implementado en nuestros productos para cuidar la integridad de nuestros clientes manteniendo una relación equilibrada de costo y calidad.

Our mission

Smart Global Technologies growth plans are now looking to leverage this success and internationalize the company by expanding into Canada.

Smart Global Technologies Inc. has an intimate and unique knowledge of the technology and the management procesess to enchanced efficiency and productivity.

Our history


Smart Global Technologies was established in 2001, to help companies improve efficiency and productivity.


In 2011, the company established corporate offices in the central territory of Mexico, considered a strategic area of ​​the country for having the highest growth of private investment in the world – Queretaro. Today SGT is engaged in more than 15 big projects and expected generate revenues of $5 million in 2018.